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We believe many women face a dilemma around how to juggle the demands of life and never-ending to-do-lists with the necessity of self-care. We've talked to women across New Zealand and the challenges are similar no matter your age or stage of life. We believe the answer lies in self-compassion, greater support for women, deeper connection with others, ongoing education around how to take care of yourself, and doing all of this one step at a time, one day at a time.


A series of Sunday retreats to help women push pause on life for a day and reset their wellbeing, hosted by Gemma McCaw and friends at some of New Zealand's most stunning locations .

"A Sunday well spent brings a week of content"


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For most of us, Sunday can often be the calmest and quietest day of the week. The day with the least commitments and tasks. If used well, a Sunday can help set up a successful week ahead. We think Sunday is a good day to push pause on life for a day, take a breath and re-set, restore, and rejuvenate. We're hoping as many women as possible will be able to find the time to join us for a Sunday well spent to reset your wellbeing.

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